Covering Chairs at Stonewater Country Club!


The first weekend in April we had the pleasure of transforming the ballroom at Stonewater Country Club for a spring wedding!  The space at Stonewater was elegant and bright, with beautiful windows that let just enough light through to make the chandeliers sparkle.  The bride and groom were hosting over 200 people and wanted their guests to really shine in the room.  The white covers the bride picked helped to emphasize everything else in the room and really made it come to life.  Check out the transformation this room goes through by just adding covers to the chairs.  It really is amazing!

Simply Chic and the Unmatched Folding Chairs Wedding!



Simply Chic traveled out to Middleville, Michigan for a wedding this summer in a picturesque backyard setting!  The bride and groom rented a variety of folding chairs (that did not match) for their ceremony and reception.  Our white chair covers helped bring everything together for this couple!  The unmatched chairs transformed into elegant white chairs, and the bright white color helped the other decorations really pop against the bright green background of the trees.  This small added touch gave her wedding a more elegant feel, and at only $1.50 per cover, she was able to stay under budget!  Contact us today to find out how we can help transform your reception into a beautiful, memorable space!

Deer Run Golf Club in Lowell, MI


We headed out to Lowell, MI today to set up for a couple who was married a couple weeks back!  The couple had a destination wedding and honeymoon, and came back to town to celebrate with friends and family.  They chose Deer Run Golf Club as their reception venue!  This rustic setting overlooks the beautiful grounds of the golf course and lets in tons of beautiful sunlight.  The room was decorated with single stems of a variety of yellow flowers, lanterns, chalkboards, and mason jars.  The bride and groom made every table unique by placing a photograph of themselves in a mason jar filled with colored water!  Unfortunately, the banquet chairs in the room did not match the decor…Simply Chic to the rescue!  We were able to cover the mint green chairs with our white covers, making the room elegant and bright.  We wish the bride and groom our congratulations on their marriage and wish them all the best!

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